Windows 10 clean install for the Acer Aspire ES 11 Part 1

If you purchased the Acer ES 11 from an authorised reseller, the system comes with Windows 10 Home, and is preinstalled with Acer applications and a recovery partition. If you prefer a clean install of Windows 10 without the bundled Acer application and the the recovery partition, or you attempted to install Linux and failed, then you can perform a clean install of Windows 10 by creating external media.

Note: This article should be part of the series here at Unsolicited But Offered regarding installing Linux on the Acer Aspire ES 11 due to the difficulties involved regarding installing Linux on the laptop. Although I run Fedora 25 Workstation on the laptop and have written several articles on Fedora 25 on the Acer ES 11, I don’t recommend the model and advise a good Dell or ASUS instead for any Linux distribution. This article is also a mea culpa of sorts for those who attempted to install Linux on the Acer ES 11 and failed.

This article uses Windows 10 Home Single Language edition, a SanDisk USB flash drive, and the Acer Aspire 11 ES-132-C685.

Depending on your market or how you purchased the system, the Acer ES 11 comes with Windows 10 Home Single Language edition.

To verify the Windows operating system edition that came with your Aspire:

Tap Settings > System > About.

To create Windows 10 media for a clean install, you can choose to download an ISO directly from Microsoft, or use the Windows Media Creation Tool.

Note: Interestingly enough, if you attempt to search for the Windows Media Creation Tool from a macOS, FreeBSD, or Linux system, you are directed to the Windows ISO download page. This actually makes sense since the Windows Media Creation Tool only runs on Windows, and automatically detects the Windows edition on your system and offers suggestions.

Although experienced users can opt for the Windows 10 download, there are advantages to using the Windows Media Creation Tool:

1. The tool checks for the correct edition for your current system. Of course, if you are installing Windows 10 on a different system than the one you are downloading the OS from, you have the option to change the Language, Edition, and Architecture by clearing the Use the recommended options for this PC box.

2. If you selected the option to create Windows media for USB, the tool not only downloads the package for you, it verifies it for integrity, and assist you in creating bootable media.

Note: If you’re coming from Linux, then you probably already know how to verify the ISO using a checksum, and using the dd command to dump the package to a bootable USB stick. However, the tool is great for mainstream users.

Burning the Windows 10 ISO to DVD+-R is somewhat faster but requires an optical drive. Although the Acer ES 11 doesn’t come with a DVD burner, it does have enough USB ports to accommodate external optical drives with a Y-cable.

It’s important to note that if you created Windows 10 media 6 months ago or as recent as two months ago, the version of the OS Microsoft provides today is much newer. The current version includes Anniversary updates and Creator’s edition packages. Moreover, the installation process also integrates Cortana in the steps.

Continued in Windows 10 clean install for the Acer Aspire ES 11 Part 2


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