Logitech Multi-Device Keyboards and the Surface Pro 4 Part 2

Continued from Logitech Multi-Device Keyboards and the Surface Pro 4 Part 1

You can pair the Surface Pro 4 with the Logitech K480 just like any Windows PC.

To pair the Logitech K480 with the Surface Pro 4:

1. Enable Bluetooth on the Surface Pro 4 from Action Center.

2. Switch on the Logitech K480, and turn the device dial to any of the numbers.

Note: Remember that if you paired the K480 previously with a different device using one of the numbers on the dial, using the same number removes pairing with the previous device.

3. Press and hold down the PC Bluetooth button on the K480, until it starts blinking. This indicates that the keyboard is discoverable.

4. On the Surface Pro 4, open Bluetooth settings by going to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.

5. Tap Add Bluetooth or other device, and select the Logitech K480 once it's detected.

6. Input the provided Bluetooth PIN on the K480 and press Enter.

The Logitech Keyboard is listed under Mouse, keyboard & pen once paired.


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