Logitech Multi-Device Keyboards and the Surface Pro 4 Part 1

Logitech's multi-device keyboards can be used with different types of operating systems over Bluetooth. The older K480 uses a dial for switching between three different types of devices, while the newer K780 is significantly more compact and uses numbered Easy-Switch keys. Due to a wider width, the K780 can hold up to 12" devices and supports Bluetooth Smart and wireless encryption.

The Surface Pro 4 Type Cover (and the upcoming Surface Pro Type cover) are exceptional and complements the Surface Pro 4 / Pro completely. Moreover, Microsoft's Type Cover sports an excellent touchpad and a more standard keyboard layout than Bluetooth keyboards such as the Logitech K780 and K480.

On the other hand, some users may not really need the Surface Pro 4 cover, especially if they type much on-the-go, prefer to use their own case or cover, or use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Microsoft also charges a $129.99 for the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover. The Logitech K780 is currently priced at $80, while the older K480 is pegged at $49.99 (and you can get occasional discounts from resellers too).

The Surface Pro 4 paired with the Logitech K480.

The Logitech K480 Multi-Device Keyboard and Surface Pro 4

I occasionally use my Logitech K480 with my much-older iPad 2, and it's a good keyboard even though it has toy-like plastic keys. The Surface Pro 4 is too wide to fit into the integrated stand on the K480, but it really doesn't matter because the SP4 has a kickstand. Plus, the shallow indentation can be used as a makeshift Surface Pen holder.

Pairing the Logitech K480 with the Surface Pro 4 doesn't affect the Surface Pen too, despite both accessories connecting over Bluetooth.

The shortcut keys at the top row of the Logitech K480 also work with Microsoft's latest Windows 10 release without issues. F1 opens the Edge browser's homepage, F2 opens the application switcher (ALT+Tab), F3 triggers application-configured options (Undo and Select All for Notepad Next for example), F5 triggers Cortana for searching, and so on and so forth.

F5 on the K480 triggers Cortana search.

If you're accustomed to using the touch screen on your Surface Pro 4 and prefer the tactile feel of a more traditional desktop keyboard, Logitech's multi-device Bluetooth keyboards work pretty well with the SP4. Moreover, if you also need a Bluetooth keyboard for macOS, iOS, Linux or other Windows PCs, you get more bang for your buck than the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover, which only works with Surface products.

Continued in Logitech Multi-Device Keyboards and the Surface Pro 4 Part 2


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