Using AppImage for Krita and Flatpak for MyPaint on Fedora 25 Workstation Part 2

Continued from Using AppImage for Krita and Flatpak for MyPaint on Fedora 25 Workstation Part 1

Krita was one of the first projects to adopt AppImages and they provide the full version of Krita via an 81.5 MB AppImage file. Fedora 25 supports AppImages without further configuration. After changing permissions, you can run the AppImage directly from any directory on your system.

To run Krita using the AppImage:

1. Download the Krita AppImage to a folder on your Fedora system where you want to run the application from.

2. In Terminal, change user permissions by running the command chmod +x <AppImage filename>.

3. To launch Krita, navigate to the directory of the AppImage and run the command ./<AppImage filename>.

Note: Debian 8 Jessie and Debian 9 Jessie both run AppImage files without having to install any additional software packages. Note, however, that Krita 3.1.1 is available from Debian's default repositories.

For someone who maintains Debian-based, Red Hat-based, and FreeBSD releases, it's hard to determine the advantages of either Flatpak or AppImage, though there are arguments regarding security (sandboxing) and portability. Using Flatpak, in particular, didn't seem to provide any visible merits compared with openSUSE 1-Click install or dnf / yum.

AppImage seems somewhat more useful between the two. However, if the AppImage file is large, the process of downloading may be detrimental to any advantage it provides for users with unreliable network connections. In contrast, managing software via command line or GUI software managers gives you the luxury to connect to stable repositories with numerous mirrors. In terms of performance and stability, both myPaint and Krita ran as designed with no discernible difference from running the two applications from a software manager install, even on modest hardware.   


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