Unsolicited Question: Which devices or accessories you own do you least use?

As with most users and IT professionals that regularly purchase devices and accessories, I own some products that are left neglected due to another device, a change in usage habits, or just product preference. 

1. Wacom Bamboo Stylus Solo (July, 2015)

For a quck review on the Bamboo Stylus Solo, refer to
Quick Review: Bamboo Stylus Solo (Android 4.2, Windows Phone 8.1, iOS8 and Android 5.1)

Wacom releases solid writing and drawing accessories, and the Bamboo Stylus Solo held much promise when I first purchased it in July, 2015. Unfortunately, apart from using it briefly with the iPad 2 for highlighting PDFs and ebooks for a few weeks, I've stopped using it altogether and never used it for drawing. Worst, I had actually thought I lost it for awhile but recently discovered it buried in my Macbook Air's laptop bag.

Note: To be fair, I've started using my 2011 Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch and Intuos Draw with my Surface Pro 4 and Macbook Air for illustrations and drawings. Moreover, with a lot of reading coming up in the next few months, I might use the Stylus Solo for research with the Kindle Fire HD 8.

2. Hagibis HDTV adapter / MHL cable (Nov, 2014)

For a quick look at MHL adapters, refer to Do you look for Miracast and MHL support in devices?

Since I've stopped working with documentation for MHL and I don't have a car, I haven't had any use for the Hagibis HDTV adapter. Moreover, none of my current mobile devices support MHL at all. Even if they did, I have little use for screen mirroring anyway.

3. Huawei Band (April, 2017)

For a quick review of the Huawei Band, refer to Notes on the Huawei Band.

The Huawei Band is a mediocre product at best, but a nice watch to wear. Unfortunately, my wrist is often occupied by the Garmin Vivofit HR and I only wear watches on special occasions.

4. BOW HBO28 micro keyboard (August 2016)

For an overview, refer to Quick Review: BOW HBO28 micro keyboard.

After retiring the horrible Windows-powered HP Stream 8, I had little use for the BOW HBO28 keyboard. It's compatible with the Kindle Fire HD 8, but Amazon's tablet is best for consuming media rather than any productive tasks.

For retirement: iPad 2 (iOS 9.x)

Having recently moved to another location for work, I've had to retire the fairly new HP Stream 8, my somewhat obsolete Toshiba NB520 (limited to 32-bit support for Linux), the ASUS MemoPad HD7 (Android 4.x) and my WDTV Live Media Player. I did, however, keep my iPad 2 with me, which remains the only iOS device I have left.

Apple is desperate for consumers to buy their iPad Pro and myopic (and ignorant) writers at CNET and The Verge are ready to sell it to you as best as they can, even though the new offerings are as overpriced as ever. I appreciate the build quality and operating system of the various iterations of the iPad, and have held on to my iPad 2 for more than six years now. With Apple no longer providing iOS10 support for the iPad 2 and the iPad 2 hardware struggling with iOS 9.x, it maybe time to partially retire my iPad 2. Moreover, the Kindle Fire HD 8 is just much better for media and ebook consumption.

I keep the iPad 2 around in case I ever need to work with Swift and test iOS developer apps though.


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