Setting up an Intuos Draw with an external display on Fedora 25 Workstation

Setting up Fedora 25 Workstation to work with an external display is dependent on the video card / adapter of your laptop or PC. When you connect a Wacom device to Fedora 25, additional steps are required for mapping the tablet active area with the extended or mirrored screen.

This article uses an Acer ES 11 running Fedora 25 Workstation, an Intuos Draw, and an AOC 22" LED TV.

The Acer ES 11 running Fedora 25 Workstation and Gimp connected to an AOC display and Intuos Draw.

To set up Intuos Draw with an external display in Fedora 25 Workstation:

1. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the Fedora PC and the other end to the HDMI port on the display.

2. Power on the display, and use the remote control or on-screen display to switch to the HDMI connection.

3. In Gnome Displays, configure settings to extend or mirror the Primary display. Click Arrange Combined Displays to adjust the position between two displays.

Note: The Acer ES 11 has a lower-end Intel HD display adapter and defaults to extending the laptop's display. Users with high-end Linux-supported Nvidia or AMD video cards will have additional settings.

Configuring the Intuos Draw mapping area

The Intuos Draw is an entry-level tablet and is smaller than other models. When you connect a display to your Linux machine, the tablet's active area doesn't initially match the combined display area of the laptop and LED TV/display.

To set the tracking mode to match the surface area of the Intuos Draw's active area:

1. Click Settings > Wacom Tablet.

2. Click Map to Monitor, and set the following options:

  • Select the Output display.
  • Enable the Keep aspect ratio (letterbox) option if needed.

For the sample setup of the Acer ES 11, 22" AOC, and Intuos Draw, disabling the Map to single monitor option provided the best user experience.

Clearing the Map to single monitor option maps the tablet to both the laptop display and the external display at the same time.

3. Select Touchpad (relative) or (absolute) from the Tracking Mode option.

Note: Selecting Touchpad (absolute) limits the movement of the mouse cursor's to the primary display of the 11" screen on the ES 11 and only part of the AOC external display for this setup, so Touchpad (relative) is selected in this scenario.

You may need a bit of practice or occasionally switch to your laptop's mouse or touchpad to make full use of both the laptop and display's area. Note that the active area of the Intuos Draw, and related Wacom products, are marked by the white or blue dots on the surface. The Intuos Draw is only available in a small size, so you may need to get used to the limited active area if you're working with an external display.

Note: The Gnome Wacom Tablet settings might crash once or twice initially when you have an external display connected. However, once you configure your settings, you shouldn't encounter anymore issues with the utility.


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