Replacing the Acer ES 11 hard drive

The Acer Aspire ES 11 (ES1-132-C686) is an entry-level laptop and depending on the market, comes with a 500 GB WD Blue SATA hard drive. Although Acer doesn’t include instructions for replacing the hard drive, the steps for replacing the mechanical hard drive is similar to most models in the market.

This article uses a CR-V 1.5 head screwdriver, an Acer ES-132-C685, and a Kingspec 120 GB SSD.

Note: As always, be careful when working with internal components and exposing them to static electricity. In addition, take note of which screws are for which part of the laptop. The Acer ES 11 uses 2 different types of screws for the door and hard drive components.

To replace the hard drive:

1. Lay the laptop flat on a desk and remove the six screws. Note that one of the screws is hidden by a sticker.

Note:Acer uses a cheap type of screws for the panel door and the hard drive support bracket and holder. Be gentle when removing or replacing the screws as they wear out quickly, preventing you from unscrewing the door or any of the hard drive support screws at all.

2. Remove the four screws that anchor the hard drive foil holder. One of the screws is partially hidden underneath the data cable.

3. Gently remove the holder from its place in the compartment. Do not use any sharp object to pry it out.

4. Disconnect the SATA cable from the hard drive.

5. Position the replacement hard drive on the hard drive holder so that the connectors are oriented properly with the SATA data cable. Anchor the holder to the hard drive using the four screws.

Note: Make sure that when you reconnect the SATA cable, the cable doesn’t wind underneath or over the hard drive. It should be tucked into the niche just beside the hard drive compartment. Never pull the data cable.

6. Connect the SSD hard to the SATA cable.

7. Place the hard drive holder back into the compartment. Tuck the SATA data cable back in its original position, making sure that it doesn’t get pinned by the panel door or hard drive holder.

8. Replace the panel door and screws.

9. Power on the system and press F2 to enter System Setup.

10. On the Information tab, check if the hard drive is listed with the proper size and model.


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