ExpressVPN subscription server issues

On Thursday 29 June, the ExpressVPN desktop application on my MacBook Air indicated that my subscription had expired.

However, since my service is still very much active, and I was connected to an ExpressVPN Japan server on my Moto G4 Plus, I performed troubleshooting steps such as updating the ExpressVPN app and re-entering my Activation Code.

Updating the app or selecting removing existing account and then re-activating the service didn't work.

The steps failed and I sent an e-mail to the their support staff.

Note: Curiously enough, ExpressVPN closed out their chat support, arguably due to the issue.

As it turned out, based on ExpressVPN's e-mail which I received a few hours later, the subscription authentication issue was widespread and the staff advised logging out of any ExpressVPN app and then activating the service using the provided code (which I had already attempted).

Although the e-mail's suggestion failed, access using the macOS version of the ExpressVPN app was restored before the day was over. The Android app for ExpressVPN was historically problematic at times, but retained connection to the service the whole time despite my often disconnecting from it to save bandwidth. The Windows 10 desktop version of the ExpressVPN app was actually able to access the service without issues when the macOS version encountered the authentication issue. Unfortunately, the Windows 10 version of the ExpressVPN app stopped working the next day and had to be reinstalled.

Although initially unaffected by the issue, the Windows 10 app for ExpressVPN required reinstallation and activation the next day.

Note: The briefness of the authentication outage was largely left unreported on the Internet, though there are probably some machines out there that might still be affected.


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