Creating EPUBs using Pages and iWork for iCloud Part 4

EPUBs exported from Pages and iBooks Author have additional markup not found in standard EPUB files, but can be displayed properly in most Android, Windows, Windows 10 Mobile, and Linux desktop and mobile applications.

EPUB in Edge browser.

I successfully tested the EPUB file exported from Apple Pages using the following applications and devices:

1. Edge Browser - Windows 10 Pro (Surface Pro 4)
2. Lithium - Android 7.x (Moto G4 Plus)
3. Calibre Ebook Viewer and FBReader - openSUSE 42.2 and Fedora 25

FBReader on Fedora 25 Gnome 2

4. Kobo Glo

Kobo devices can handle EPUB files without issues.
5. Kindle Fire HD 8 (after converting the EPUB to AZW3 using Calibre)
6. Simple EPUB Reader for Google Chrome
7. Bookviser Reader - Windows 10 Mobile (Lumia 650)

Bookviser Reader on a Lumia 650 running Windows 10 Mobile.


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