CorelDraw X8 Basics: Using vector fills for tones

You can easily add shadows and shades of lighting using vector fills in CorelDraw. Tones are common in graphic illustrations and comic books, and add depth and weight to line art. In traditional media, tones are applied using preprinted sheets or in a pre-printing process manually. Most bitmap editors such as Photoshop and Painter include presets for popular tones, but applying fills on vector objects has a degree of flexibility absent from bitmap fills.

To add tones using vector fills in CorelDraw X8:

1. Create a closed Object using any of the drawing tools.

In this example, the Pen tool and Shape tool is used to create an area on the subject's neck and collarbone.

2. With the Object still selected, select the Interactive Fill tool in the Toolbox, and then click the Vector pattern fill from the Property Bar.

3. Select a vector fill using the Fill picker. If needed, download the fill and then click Apply.

4. Click Edit Fill from the Property Bar to adjust the properties of the fill.

In the following example, the Punkte 1 fill was used to add shadow to the illustration.

5. If needed, remove the Pen Outline of the closed Object by right-clicking X on the color palette.


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