CorelDraw Basics: Creating vector fills using Photo-Paint Part 1

You can easily create interesting bitmaps from Corel Photo-Paint and use these as basis for vector fills in CorelDraw.

To create a black and white bitmap using Corel Photo-Paint:

1. Open a photo or image.

2. Click Image > Convert to Black and White (1-bit).

In this example, Jarvis is the Conversion Method, and Intensity is adjusted for enough detail to provide a usable texture. Click OK.

4. Using the Crop tool, select an area that can be used as a fill.

5. Save the cropped image using the default file format .cpt.

To create and save the vector fill in CorelDraw:

1. In an open CorelDraw document, click File > Import, and the select the .cpt file.

2. Using the Pick tool, select the imported bitmap, and then click Bitmaps > Outline Trace or Traceline Trace.

In the CorelTrace window, adjust the settings as needed. Remove the background or specific colors to improve the vector trace. Click OK.

Note: Removing the background or selecting a specific color to remove can greatly improve or reduce the appearance of the texture.

Continued in CorelDraw Basics: Creating vector fills using Photo-Paint Part 2


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