Another look at Windows 10 Mobile (OS build 10.0.15063.297) Part 2

Continued from Another look at Windows 10 Mobile (OS build 10.0.15063.297) Part 1

6. Keyboard settings - If you switch regularly between different languages, the Language switching key that appears on the touch keyboard is no longer visible by default. The default way to change keyboards is to swipe to the left or right on the onscreen Space bar.

To bring back the dedicated language key, tap Settings > Time & language > Keyboard > More keyboard settings > Show the language switching key.

Note:  Users accustomed to Windows Phone 8.1 and earlier builds might prefer the dedicated language key. It's also a better option if you type on the onscreen keyboard by sliding your finger - you might accidentally switch input languages if your finger touches the keyboard.

7. Speech language - Early builds of Windows 8.1 only supported English (UK and US) but the current build now includes Chinese, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese.

You can download speech packages by tapping Settings > Time & language > Speech > Add a language.

8. Security - The Security options for running services, apps, and hardware is arguably more comprehensive on Windows 10 Mobile than the Windows 10 desktop (and easier to understand too). Considering that mainstream users prefer iOS and Android, and have little to no understanding of Windows 10 Mobile, the ability to configure minute options for Radio, Camera, Microphone, Motion, Speech, individual apps, Call History, and Phone Calls in Windows 10 Mobile is impressive but superfluous. On the other hand, some of the available security options would be welcome in Android and iOS, which pare down security settings to the bare minimum so not to confuse ignorant and uneducated users.

9. Device encryption - For the thoroughly paranoid or the intelligent user, Microsoft encryption for Windows 10 Mobile can be extended to the micro SD card, an option not available in some Android and obviously iOS devices.

To enable encryption for new micro SD cards inserted into a WP10 device,  tap Settings > Update & security > Device encryption.


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