VPN server side effects on Google ads and online services Part 2

Continued from VPN server side effects on Google ads and online services Part 1

The location where I maintain articles for this site (Unsolicited But Offered) also has a curious side-effect. It doesn't matter whether I'm on a corporate European VPN server or connected to a Hong Kong node, publishing my articles for Unsolicited But Offered over VPN often affects my hits negatively when compared with working in Blogger directly. Without the use of a VPN server during trips to San Diego and Atlanta, readers of Unsolicited But Offered doubled, and sometimes even tripled.

Returning to Asia and launching ExpressVPN to access Blogger reverted the number of visits to the typical unimpressive numbers. Independent web administrators who host their own site rather than opt to use a service like Blogger probably don't experience this for obvious reasons.

Note: Blogger's servers are maintained independently, but tied to Google's servers and advertising engine. For years, I maintained Unsolicited But Offered via email overseas, a useful Blogger feature during a time when I was hesitant to invest on VPN while working in the Middle Kingdom. Although visitors increased as I made an effort to improve the quality of content on Unsolicited But Offered, the visitor number increase wasn't massive in comparison to working locally in places where Google services weren't blocked.

Another interesting effect of publishing Unsolicited But Offered over VPN in the Fragrant Kingdom is the marked increase of Russian and South Korean readers. Previously, UK hits were 2nd only to the expected audience from the US. In past months, Russians had supplanted Brits, despite my content being only in English. Another curious change in recent months is that Yandex.ru, Russia's home grown search engine, is no longer a primary referring site, with Duck Duck Go coming in after the usual regional Google sites.

In the first five years of Unsolicited But Offered, there were hardly any readers from South Korea. But the last couple of years saw several hundred checking out my admittedly modest content. Sadly, a bunch of pathetic degenerates from India were blatantly plagiarizing my articles for a few months too  - a cautionary warning to serious writers who want to keep their content safe.


  1. That's a nice find. referring to your yandex and duck duck go finding, I wonder if changing or cloaking the region by wither using a vpn like express or ivacy or by going tor route, will one be able to drive traffic from china, and by china i mean baidu, China's homegrown engine.


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