VPN server side effects on Google ads and online services Part 1

One of the more interesting aspects of using a VPN in Asia is that I often end up using VPN servers in Japan and Hong Kong, when the Los Angeles servers fail to maintain a connection.

Perhaps one of the more entertaining effects of using the Japan server is the changes to the YouTube ads shown when I watch videos in YouTube. In between Graham Norton clips, old American music videos, and French movie trailers, I regularly get an ad for two similar video streaming apps: ドキドキ / Doki Doki Live and Stager Live.

The two apps are probably from the same developer and use the same strategy of previewing sexy Chinese and Koreans dancing at home to the tune of Western music in their Google ad in YouTube. On rare occasions, the ads in YouTube for the two apps feature less provocative videos of young (but still attractive) young ladies at recitals or a dance performance.

I must confess the ads, which hardly highlight the effectiveness of the live streaming features of the app, are effective, and I hardly tap Skip Ad when they come up. Surprisingly, apart from the ads on the YouTube home page, the streaming apps are the only ads I really get before my videos play (with a small cycle interval too). Suffice to say, I have no interest in an Asian-based video capture or streaming app.

If you like popular culture or find foreign ads interesting, then connecting to a VPN server also gives you access to entertaining ads that range from Japan-based services like Hulu, to funny, localized commercials for products like Pepsi drinks.

Conan commercial for Hulu Japan.

Raizin ad on YouTube.

Twitter ads also adjust depending on your region. On a trip to Ulan Bataar, Twitter enthusiastically displayed ads for local IPTV and broadband services.   Connecting to the service using a VPN hosted in Tokyo or Seoul triggers Twitter suggestions that include K-Pop stars.

Continued in VPN server side effects on Google ads and online services Part 2


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