Tested: BETOP controller, OpenEmu, 360Controller driver on macOS 10.12.x Part 2

Continued from Tested: BETOP controller, OpenEmu, 360Controller driver on macOS 10.12.x Part 1

The default button mappings set by the XBOX360Controller driver may not be the best depending on the gaming platform you run. Since OpenEmu doesn't have its own controller configuration settings, you may need to run the driver from System Preferences each time you switch emulator platforms.

Note: Linux emulators such as snes9x and Higan have controller mapping options from the user interface. For details on using the BTP-2175 with Linux and FreeBSD, refer to Tested: BETOP controller with Fedora 25, and openSUSE 42.2/FreeBSD 11 on VirtualBox.

The driver works well even when the BTP-2175 controller is connected to a 4-port A4Tech USB 2.0 hub.

OpenEmu is well-designed and exceptionally user-friendly. The system downloads cores as needed, and the cores I tested, as expected, performed perfectly on the MacBook Air

The consoles supported by OpenEmu is comprehensive and should satisfy most retro gamers. Although MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) isn’t listed, it’s actually rare to see ColecoVision and all four Atari releases as a core option. 

The support for gaming accessories in Windows is comprehensive and complete with both official and open source options, but setting up a generic controller in macOS is equally easy thanks to devoted developers. If you're a retro gamer, then rest assured emulator gaming on macOS, even with a product such as the BETOP-2175 wired controller, is a hassle free experience.


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