Tested: BETOP controller, OpenEmu, 360Controller driver on macOS 10.12.x Part 1

Although it doesn't take much effort to set up a USB controller and a game emulator on Windows and Linux, there's something quite elegant about setting up OpenEmu gaming emulator and the 360Controller 0.16.5 driver from GitHub on a Macbook Air. Credit must be given to devoted macOS developers and users for providing well-written software packages that provide a friendly and attractive user experience.

This article uses the BETOP-2175 wired controller, OpenEmu, and version 0.16.5 of the 360Controller driver. The controller was tested with Super Castlevania IV (1995) for Super Famicom,  Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (1987) for NES, and Castelevania: Bloodlines (1994) for Sega Genesis.

Note: Although emulators and websites providing ROMs have been around more than a decade now, the legality of playing ROMs is a gray area, though setting up emulators isn't much of an issue from a software licensing standpoint.

Installing the .dmg files for OpenEmu and the 360Controller driver for macOS should be familiar to any macOS user.

Note that the same third-party software installation security restrictions apply for OpenEmu and users may need to verify their Security & Privacy settings before installing the .dmg. In addition, a reboot of macOS is required after installing the 360Controller driver.

The retro setup screen for OpenEmu deserves credit for livening up the process.

After installing the 360Controller driver, a new entry is added under System Preferences for configuring minute settings on any detected controllers. The driver immediately detected the BTP-2175 wired controller once it was connected and users can configure the buttons and controls as needed.

Note: If the BETOP controller isn't detected by the host PC, press and hold the BETOP button at the middle of the controller for five seconds. The LED mode lights change depending on what type of device you connect the BETOP controller to. The first two LED lights are lit for PC. Unless you plan to use the controller for other devices such as an XBOX, you only need to perform the step once.

Continued in Tested: BETOP controller, OpenEmu, 360Controller driver on macOS 10.12.x Part 2


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