Steam Client on Fedora 25 with Betop controller for non-gamers Part 2

Continued from Steam Client on Fedora 25 with Betop controller for non-gamers Part 1

Notes on using the Steam Client with Fedora 25 / Acer ES-11

1. Big Picture mode works with the Acer ES-11's Intel HD display adapter. However, selecting the minimize option while running Big Picture mode makes it difficult to reposition the Steam Client on the ES-11's 12" screen.

2. If you have an external display connected to the Aspire ES-11's HDMI port, Big Picture mode applies to the Primary Display only, even if you drag the Steam Client window to the Extended Display. You can, however, mirror the display to run Big Picture mode on the external monitor.

3. The BETP-2175 controller is immediately detected by the Steam Client, as long as the controller is already set up for Linux.

If the controller isn't detected, try one of the following steps:

a. Exit the Steam Client, and reconnect the USB connector of the BETOP controller to a different USB port. For the Acer ES-11, the controller worked when connected to the USB 3.0 port on the rear, but not when inserted into any of the other USB 2.x ports.

b. Press the BETOP button on the middle until the controller LED mode changes. The first two LEDs are lit for PC mode.

c. Test the BETOP controller with a Linux game or emulator.

Note: I've tested the BTP-2175 with snes9x-gtk and Gens/GS emulators on Fedora 25 and confirmed button and controller functionality. No additional drivers were required as the xpad package included with Fedora 25 supports the BTP-2175 just fine. For additional details on emulators for the Fedora 25 and BTP-2175 support, refer to Tested: BETOP controller with Fedora 25, and openSUSE 42.2/FreeBSD 11 on VirtualBox.

4. The majority of the Free to Play games for Linux and SteamOS didn't support controllers, Steam Controller or otherwise. However, using a controller is still useful for navigating the Steam Client UI and for general movement and actions in most games.

5. Although the BTP-2175 is a third-party controller, Steam provides support and automatically runs a First Time Controller script that was designed for their own Steam Controllers. Templates which determine button and analog stick configuration are available from the community based on the games you've downloaded and installed. Steam informs you if Steam Controller functionality is supported, or separate setup is required.

5. The Controller Settings are only available in Big Picture Mode. To configure basic controller settings, switch to Big Picture Mode and click Settings > Controller Settings.

The BTP-2175 was immediately listed under Detected Controllers as an Xbox 360 Controller. Depending on your game, select Xbox Configuration Support, although Generic Gamepad Configuration Support was adequate in this case.

Note: You can also disable or enable the Rumble feature if available on your controller. The somewhat basic BTP-2175 doesn't support Rumble.

As an aged non-gamer who hasn't played any type of computer game in three decades, I couldn't help but get excited with the wealth of games available on Steam, though games available for Steam OS and Linux were fewer when compared with the Windows and macOS game library. The Steam Store frontend looks polished, though filtering through games was somewhat odd at times, particularly when it came to looking for Free to Play and controller supported games.

I have great respect for programmers and developers, and based on the number of indie games available on the platform, it's clear that a lot of independent designers have contributed to the growth of Steam. Although I'm aware of the negative side of game development and the gaming culture, it's nice to see a side of the digital entertainment / IT industry that ostensibly focuses on providing a modicum of fun and distraction. Based on some of the previews, some of the games were written out of sheer devotion to creativity rather than any monetary value.

Note: I wanted to try more of the free games on the Steam Store, but due to my geographical location, server access was limited and I was only able to run and download Endless Sky and a handful of casual games. I will, however, try a few more when I get better access to the Steam network.

Having recently tried portable gaming, and explored retro gaming emulators on Linux, Steam is my last stop for this brief dalliance with the digital gaming landscape. Although I probably won't be spending much time pressing the Space Bar anytime soon, as I did with Wing Commander, Hexen, and Descent back in the day, it's nice to know that there is still some amount of innocence and earnestness in PC gaming.  


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