Microsoft Publisher files and CorelDraw X8 Part 2

Continued from Microsoft Publisher files and CorelDraw X8 Part 1

3. If the page size of the .pub file doesn't match your CorelDraw document, adjust the width or height of the page by making sure nothing is selected, and then inputting the measurements on the Page dimensions on the Property bar.

4. Layers in older versions of Publisher work differently when compared with applications such as InDesign, so you might have to create new layers in CorelDraw's Object Manager if you need to rearrange the order of objects on the document.

5. If possible, replace the bitmap files on the imported Publisher files with the original images. Otherwise, the quality of the image suffers when the CorelDraw document is published.

Bitmaps appear pixelated in the final PDF. Adjust Export or PDF settings if needed. If possible, replace the images with the originals.

6. If you don't have the original bitmap images, select the appropriate PDF type when exporting the PDF in CorelDraw to reduce any additional compression. Otherwise, the output may not appear as intended.

With the PDF Prepress setting selected, bitmap images looked excellent but the background texture on the original Publisher marred the PDF.

7. Another workaround to irregularly shaped Publisher documents is to use the Selected only option when exporting the document to PDF. The Selected only option only exports the selected objects. To ensure all the required objects are included in the PDF export, use the Pick tool to select all the objects, and then click Group Objects.

With the background texture from Publisher removed and using the Selected only option, the final PDF version retains the quality of the original Publisher document.

The Publisher file imported to CorelDraw looks excellent on Xodo PDF once the minor edits were complete.


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