Microsoft Publisher files and CorelDraw X8 Part 1

CorelDraw is an excellent application for working with legacy file formats and less popular file extensions, such as Microsoft Publisher's .pub. With CorelDraw, you can easily repurpose and reuse elements from Publisher files without having to purchase the recent release of Microsoft Publisher.

This article uses Publisher files created using Microsoft Publisher 2000 and CorelDraw X8.

When importing older Publisher files into CorelDraw, there aren't any additional import settings available. However, make sure that your new CorelDraw document has the same dimensions as the Publisher document to reduce any resizing required.

To import Publisher files to CorelDraw:

1. Click File > Import, and then navigate to the Publisher file.

2. Click and drag in the document area to place the imported Publisher file in the workspace.

For this example, the quality of the bitmap and vector graphics was maintained perfectly. Moreover, groupings of objects were retained. However, text boxes and the font sizes inside irregular shaped objects required adjusting. Alignment and text properties were adjusted easily using the tools available on CorelDraw.

To input text into irregular objects:

1. Using the Pick tool, right-click on the target object and then click Frame Type > Create Empty Text Frame.

2. If needed, use the Pick tool to resize the object using the resize handles.

When repurposing .pub files, you may also need to do the following:

1. When changing the Fill or Outline color, select the Curve of the object using the Object Manager.

2. You can update font types and formatting if fonts weren't embedded on the original Publisher file. CorelDraw displays a pointing hand when formatting text and suggests text styles for use.

Continued in Microsoft Publisher files and CorelDraw X8 Part 2


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