Happy Chick emulator, Kindle Fire, and Betop Controller Part 2

Continued from Happy Chick emulator, Kindle Fire, and Betop Controller Part 1

Setting up Happy Chick and the BTP-2175 with the Kindle Fire HD 8

Happy Chick can be side-loaded to the Kindle Fire HD 8 just as with any other .apk.

To set up Happy Chick on the Fire HD 8:

1. Copy the Happy Chick .apk to either the Internal Memory or micro SD card of the Fire HD 8.

2. Disable the third-party software installation restrictions from Fire OS settings.

Tap Settings > Security > Apps from Unknown Sources.

3. Run the .apk and select device component access as needed.

To configure the BETP-2175 controller with Happy Chick:

1. Connect the USB OTG adapter to the Fire HD 8.

2. Connect the BTP-2175 to the USB OTG adapter.

3. Run the Happy Chick emulator. Once you've downloaded a game from the Happy Chick library, launch the game from the Play screen.

Note: Depending on the game, a menu is also offered for selecting Single Game (One-player), load an Archive (a Save game), or connect to a LAN gaming session (Local War).

4. Tap the Menu icon on the bottom and click Common > Advanced Settings.

5. Tap Key/Gamepad Input Setup > [BETOP CONTROLLER].

Note: If the BETOP controller isn't detected by Fire OS or Happy Chick, press and hold the BETOP button at the middle of the controller for five seconds. The LED mode lights change depending on what type of device you connect the BETOP controller to. The first two LED lights are lit for PC, while the 3rd and 4th LEDs are for Android devices. Unless you plan to use the controller for other devices such as an XBOX or PC, you only need to perform the step once.

6. In the [BETOP CONTROLLER] screen, select the Profile or enable or disable D-Pads as appropriate.

Note: Available Key Profiles include Generic Gamepad, PS3 Controller, OUYA Controller, Xperia Play, Droid Keyboard, Nvidia Shield, or PC Keyboard.


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