Happy Chick emulator, Kindle Fire, and Betop Controller Part 1

The Happy Chick app is a multi-platform emulator for Android. The developers provide an apk in addition to standard app installation via third-party app stores. The free emulator is popular in Asia, but the developers also provide an English site for international users.

This article uses the Happy Chick .apk, a Kindle Fire HD 8 running FireOS 4, a PowerSync USB On-the-Go adapter, and a wired USB BETOP-2175 controller.

Apart from running the emulator, games are downloaded within the Happy Chick app, which presents an app store style for browsing available platforms and games. Older platform games are extremely small, though there are ports that are upwards of 250 MB, such as Castlevania Legacy. Download speed for small games was good, though I can't confirm for users outside of Asia.

The ROMs are taken from different sources so the quality, language, and versions vary. Each download has a shorthand description of the type of game (ACT - Action), gaming platform (SFC - Super Famicom), and language (JP - Japanese).Veteran gamers and older users will definitely recognize the differences between the Japanese, European and American releases of games.

The gaming platform, file size, and the language is listed below the game title.

Even if you don't have an OTG adapter and supported controller, you can still run the app and use the touch screen controls, which adapt based on the gaming platform and download you selected. Note that onscreen touch controls vary, although you will always have the option to adjust their placement on the touch scree of your Android device. Hexen for N64, for example, has a different set of controls compared with 悪魔城ドラキュラXX / Castlevania: Dracula’s Kiss for the Super Famicom. Most younger users accustomed to touch screens will probably prefer this type of controls, although old-fashioned users like myself prefer using an accessory such as the BTP-2175 controller.

Note: As an aged non-gamer, I can’t for the life of me understand how Millenials can play using a touch screen. Making a jump shot on Megaman 7 using the touch buttons on the 8” Kindle Fire HD 8 was a chore despite the responsive touch screen and generous screen real estate.

The onscreen touch controls change depending on the game platform.

The library of games is impressive and although English speakers may quibble with some of the Happy Chick UI text, the app is very well-designed and stable. The company makes revenue by selling Android accessories, value-add online network games, cheats, and possibly ads, though I didn't see any banners while running the app. In addition to multi-platform emulator support, Happy Chick also provides LAN and online gaming functionality, though as a non-gamer I didn't test either feature.


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