CorelDraw X8 Basics: Working with line art Part 3

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Outline Pen Flyout and corners

One of the main differences between drawing in vectors and drawing in bitmap is that there's no "weight" in the lines, and strokes have no character because it's built using math rather pixels. The lack of variability (and the predictable consistency) of vector objects makes illustrating easier for those with limited or no skill in drawing (like me).

To change the weight of the node outlines, do one of the following:

Select an Object, open the Outline Pen Flyout tool and select the Line outline thickness.
Select an Object, open the Object Properties Docker, and select the Outline thickness.

Another characteristic of vector node curves is that the ends don't look as natural as brush strokes using a digital paintbrush. Corners are sharp and even and lacks the features expected from hand-drawn illustrations. You can improve the appearance somewhat by changing the Corners option in the Pen Outline properties.

The weblines on Spidey's mask can be of uniform appearance. However, Spidey himself shouldn't look flat. Adjusting the outline and the corners helps add depth even before you start adding shadows or coloring the illustration.

Varying line weights and non-uniform curves sets apart characters and backgrounds. Spidey and the X-Men fought the Juggernaut and Black Tom in the final issue of Marvel Team-Up 150 (1985).


PowerClip is used to place objects inside node objects, where the object can be positioned and adjusted as needed. Corel improved on the PowerClip awhile back, and although it may confuse users of older CorelDraw versions, the new controls are helpful to new users.

For this article, the PowerClip option is used to put the villain's eyes, which were drawn using the Freehand tool (clumsily by the author I might add), inside the mask holes of the "Moleman". Once inside the mask holes, the eyes were positioned and resized using the Object handles.

Controls for editing, removing, and exiting PowerClip appear when you select an object with a PowerClip added.

Continued in CorelDraw X8 Basics: Working with line art Part 4


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