CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2017 looks good! Home & Student X8 not eligible for upgrade

CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2017 brings along with it compelling new features such as LiveSketch and custom nodes. Corel users will also be happy to know that there is improved support for the Surface Dial and Surface Pro family of products for this release. Having been a user of CorelDraw since version 10, I'm pretty happy Corel is making efforts to hit the right marks with the 2017 version of the excellent suite.

Note: I'm both regretful and embarrassed to admit I recently purchased a boxed set of CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8 Home & Student (US$79.99 at Amazon at the time) and wrote a somewhat scathing review regarding its usage on the SP4 despite my devotion to the suite of applications.

The upgrade can be purchased from Amazon, but only available to users of a previous full version of the CorelDraw Graphics Suite.

Considering that Corel provides Academic and Upgrade purchases, it's only logical that the boxed set of CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8 Home & Student isn't eligible for upgrading to CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2017. Although I'm perfectly happy with X8 Home & Student and don't use CorelDraw professionally, I'd gladly fork over cash just to test how well the new Machine Learning system and AI for drawing hold up on a Surface Pro 4. The upgraded touch and Surface Pen support is front and center for the 2017 release, and should addresses the main shortcomings of the last two releases of CorelDraw.

Note: You can check out videos of the LiveSketch tool on

The Home & Student Suite isn't eligible for upgrades to the 2017 version.

Fully aware the entry-level Home & Student X8 wasn't eligible for the upgrade, I chatted with Corel Support and received confirmation that I need a full version if I wanted to upgrade. As a consolation, I was issued a coupon discount for other Corel products (which could be used with most Corel products with the exception of CorelDraw but including the popular Corel Painter).

CorelDraw X8 for home and student users has all the features of a full version and should satisfy most hobbyists.

I'll probably test out the Trial version soon on the Surface Pro 4 and hope the LiveSketch and enhanced stylus support don't disappoint. With Microsoft releasing upgraded versions of the Surface Pro, serious hobbyists and designers should give Corel a look.


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