Sections and Front Matter in Pages for macOS Part 2

Continued from Sections and Front Matter in Pages for macOS Part 1

Inserting a Section Break and changing Page Number format.

Click once on any of the header or footer areas. Click Insert Page Number, and then select the suggested page format.

Up to this point, there are now four pages (Title, Copyright, Dedication, and a blank page) for the Front Matter. Sections are required to separate page numbers formatted as Roman numerals for the Front Matter, and Arabic numeral page numbers for the rest of the book.

1. On the insertion point of the blank page, click Document > Section.

2. On the Create a new section list, click After this section.

4. Clear the Match previous section box.

Note: This ensures that the page number format for pages after the Front Matter retains Arabic numerals. If you don't clear this box, changes to the page format will affect the Front Matter and the rest of the book.

5. Click any of the Front Matter pages, which is now the first Section of the document, and then change the Format to lowercase Roman numerals.

Click Document > Section > Page Numbering Format > i, ii, iii.

Note: The Front Matter pages constitute the first Section at this point. If you forget which pages are on a particular Section, click View > Show Thumbnails. A yellow border appears on pages sharing the same Section.

The first Section is bounded by a yellow border in the Page Thumbnail panel.

6. Select the box for Hide on first page of section to remove the visible Roman numeral on the Title Page.

To review the Front Matter as a PDF, export the document as PDF.

To export the document to PDF:

1. Click File > Export To > PDF.

2. Click Next.


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