Sections and Front Matter in Pages for macOS Part 1

Apple recently released an updated version of Pages for macOS. The word processor has been lost in the flood of free and paid writing apps for iOS and macOS, but Pages is actually perfect for producing ebooks and PDF. Pages, unlike Microsoft Word and LibreOffice Writer,  supports exporting to ePUB and can be used hand-in-hand with iBooks Author.

Even though ebook pages technically aren’t identified as recto and verso, writers and publishers still have to consider how to separate Front Matter and the main body of Text. This can be accomplished by creating Sections, which is added slightly differently in Pages when compared with Word, LibreOffice Writer, and Corel WordPerfect.

This article uses Pages 6.1 on a MacBook Air running macOS 10.12.4. The exported PDF was tested using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and iBooks.

This article provides an overview of setting up the Title Page and Copyright Page, and adding sections to separate the Front Matter from the main text body.

To set up the Title Page, Copyright Page, and Dedication Page:

Note: For this article, the cover graphic is created separately and added using a different application.

1. Display the page guides and rulers.

Click View > Show Ruler.
Click View > Show Layout.

2. Add required Title Page text as needed.

3. If you need to position text in Pages, insert a Text box.

Click Text on the control bar and adjust the position of the box in the page using the resize handles.

4. Click Insert > Page Break for the Copyright Page.

Once you’re done with the Copyright Page, insert another Page Break if needed.

Note: To insert the Copyright symbol, click Edit > Emoji & Symbols.

5. To add the dedication text, click Text on the control bar. The Text box appears on the center of the page.

Insert another page break after adding the text for dedication.

Continued in Sections and Front Matter in Pages for macOS Part 2


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