MariaDB and MySQL Workbench on Fedora 25 Part 1

If you're just getting started with MariaDB and want to learn basic database management through a user interface, you can install MySQL Workbench Community Edition.


Although the MySQL site provides an RPM file for setting up a Yum repository specifically for Fedora 25, the repository is dedicated to MySQL products, not MariaDB. Setting up the Yum repository may cause conflicts if you prefer to use MariaDB, which is included with Linux distributions such as openSUSE. You can, however, download a standalone RPM software package for MySQL Workbench.

This article applies to MySQL Workbench Community edition 6.3.x, Fedora 25 Gnome 3, and MariaDB Server 10.1.21.

1. On the MySQL Workbench Community download page, select Fedora from the Operating System list.

Note: MySQL no longer provides a 32-bit version of MySQL Workbench. As of this writing, the rpm file name is mysql-workbench-community-6.3.9-1.fc25.x86_64.rpm.

2. If needed, verify the rpm file using the provided md5 checksum from Terminal.

You can install the md5deep software package to verify the checksum on Fedora 25.

3. If needed, verify if the mariadb service is runing from Terminal.

systemctl status mariadb

4. Install MySQL Workbench using Software Install from the desktop or rpm or dnf from Terminal. 

Continued in MariaDB and MySQL Workbench on Fedora 25 Part 2


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