Unsolicited Question: 64 GB microSD exFAT error in Linux Part 2

Continued from Unsolicited Question: 64 GB microSD exFAT error in Linux Part 1

If you prefer to use a microSD card reader and copy files directly to an exFAT formatted microSD card or storage device, install exFAT software packages for your Linux distribution.

To install exFAT support in Fedora 25 Gnome 3:

dnf search exfat
dnf install exfat-utils fuse-exfat

Once the software packages are installed, you can mount and manage files directly on the storage using a file manager such as Files or PCMANFM.

Note: If you're running CentOS, you may need to add the RPM Fusion Free Update repository before you can install the exfat-utils and fuse-exfat packages.


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