Unsolicited Question: 64 GB microSD exFAT error in Linux Part 1

Q: I can't copy files to my Samsung 64 GB microSD card. I get an error. How do I copy files to the 64 GB microSD card using Linux?

Some MicroSD cards larger than 32 GB from manufacturers such as Samsung and SanDisk are preformatted using exFAT. Depending on the setup of your Linux configuration or distribution, accessing a 64 GB microSD card using a microSD card adapter through Linux displays an error indicating that the file format is unsupported.

exFAT error message in Fedora 25 Gnome Files.
There are several ways to workaround this issue from your Linux distribution. However, arguably the easiest solution is to insert the 64 GB microSD card to a supported mobile device such as the Kindle Fire HD 8 or Moto G4 Plus and connect it to your Linux system. The system mounts both the Internal memory and external microSD card, and you can start copying files directly to the 64 GB microSD.

A Kindle Fire HD 8's internal memory and external 64 GB microSD mounted in Fedora 25.

Note: Copying huge files to a microSD card using a microSD card adapter is generally faster. However, newer and higher speed class cards should exhibit little to no difference in terms of file transfer via a mobile device. A Surface Pro 4, for example, can move files quite quickly to a microSD card inserted in its microSD slot.

Continued in Unsolicited Question: 64 GB microSD exFAT error in Linux Part 2


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