Quick Review: Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 Wireless Earbuds Part 3

Continued from Quick Review: Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 Wireless Earbuds Part 2

If you're planning to purchase the BackBeat Go 2 (or get it from an employee catalog), then consider the following:

1. At $99.00, the BackBeat Go 2 isn't cheap, which means losing it isn't a joke. As innovative as the necklace design is, it's very easy for a speeding purse snatcher to pluck it from your ears and disappear in the next alleyway. If you're used to having your earphones anchored to your smartphone, I don't recommend walking in a crowd or tourist trap with the BackBeat Go 2. Perhaps Plantronics should have included a clip for users wary of losing this 99.00 Bluetooth headset.

2. The BackBeat Go 2 isn't designed for physical activity. You can arguably use it for power walking, but it may fall off if you decide to use it while swishing around your kettlebells or kissing your groin while performing yoga postures.

3. The micro USB cable isn't proprietary despite how the connector on the earpiece looks like. This is a welcome change considering most micronized products from manufacturers like Apple, Garmin, and Fitbit use proprietary cables.

4. Plantronics, to their credit, doesn't make any false claims about the durability of the product but does mention P2i military-grade coating for protection against moisture. They don't offer descriptions as to how durable the cord is, or how secure the wire connects to the earpiece.

5. The "Power on" and "Power off" audio messages are remarkably more entertaining than anything I've heard from Siri or Cortana.

6. The BackBeat Go 2 doesn't have a backup audio jack, which means if you run out of battery, the wireless earbuds are pretty much useless.

7. Reconnecting to an Android device typically requires no action apart from powering on the BackBeat Go 2 and enabling the Bluetooth on your Android device.

If you're using the BackBeat Go 2 with a Windows 10 Mobile device, enabling Bluetooth may not always automatically reconnect the smartphone to the wireless earbuds. If it fails to reconnect immediately, swipe down and tap All Settings on the Notification Panel. Tap Devices > Bluetooth, and then tap PLT_BBTGO2 to trigger a connection.

On occasion, only voice appears on the Bluetooth connection and music isn't streamed from the Windows 10 Mobile device to the BackBeat Go 2. Tap PLT_BBTGO2 on the Bluetooth settings screen a second time to reconnect and ensure the message Connected voice, music is displayed.

My biggest concerns regarding using the BackBeat Go 2 are durability and losing the product in public. Considering how sensitive Bluetooth adapters are, small Bluetooth consumer devices aren't exactly the most reliable products on the market. Durability will always be an issue with small accessories. Finally, it should be ok wearing the BackBeat Go 2 indoors, but there's always the potential of it being snagged off your ears when you're in public. 


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