Extracting and reusing PDF pages using CorelDraw X8 Part 1

CorelDraw X8, as with previous releases, fully supports PDF files. As long as the PDF is not encrypted or locked with a password, you can extract pages directly into CorelDraw. You can even reuse PDF pages and make them smaller, convert them to bitmaps, or annotate them before re-exporting them to a new PDF file.

This article uses CorelDraw X8 on a Surface Pro 4.

Extracting pages from a PDF

To extract pages from a PDF:

1. On a new .cdr document, click File > Import. Select a PDF file, and then click Import.

2. Select Text or Curves. Select Text if you want text from the original PDF to be retained as text that can be selected. Use Curves if you want to reduce file size or you want to prevent readers from selecting or copying text from the PDF.

Input a PDF page number to import, and then click OK.

3. If the PDF uses embedded or specific fonts, CorelDraw suggests fonts on your PC to replace those included on the PDF.

4. Click once on the workspace to place the PDF page on the document area, or click and drag to position the PDF page on the document window.

If needed, make changes to the PDF page or add other objects. Once imported to a CorelDraw document, you can do the following:

1. Convert to bitmap - Converting the imported PDF page to bitmap is useful if the original PDF page had text and you want to convert the PDF completely to bitmap and prevent anyone from copying text from the PDF. Moreover, converting to bitmap reduces file size considerably, though there is a drop in quality depending on the resolution values you input.

Note that specifying the correct resolution is important when converting to bitmap, as text can become unreadable and image sharpness suffers when you convert to bitmap.

To convert the imported PDF page to a bitmap image, use the Pick Tool to select the PDF page, and then click Bitmaps > Convert to Bitmap. 

Continued in Extracting and reusing PDF pages using CorelDraw X8 Part 2


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