WD My Cloud 3 TB teardown and notes Part 2

Continued from WD My Cloud 3 TB teardown and notes Part 1

Once you are sure you want to perform a teardown of the My Cloud, prepare the following screwdriver bits:

  • CR-V 2.0 - Used for the two screws on the hard drive bracket
  • CR-V +3.0 - Used for the three screws on the circuit board
  • CR-V T10 - Used for the screws for the three bumper knobs on the assembly
  • CR-V T8* - Used for the eight screws on the hard drive metal cover 
*The T8 is only used if you decide to open the hard drive case and attempt to adjust a stuck hard drive arm. If you are attempting to loosen a stuck hard drive arm from the platter, 115 mm tweezers or a similar tool can be used.

The My Cloud has a WD Red NAS HDD and circuit board (SATA bridge) connected to various assembly parts.

T10 is used for the black bumper tabs on the assembly.

The following sections discuss hard drive extraction from a WD My Cloud 3 TB. After removing the WD Red NAS HDD from the product, I used an Orico USB 3.0 2.5/3.5 hard drive dock to back up the data using Debian 8 Jessie

Note: As of this writing, the 3 TB WD Red NAS in the My Cloud has 5 partitions. You can access some of the partitions using Windows, and using macOS with the right software. Linux users can use either a Debian-based distribution such as Knoppix, Ubuntu, or Mint, or Fedora with a disk utility such as GParted.

To remove the outer case of the WD My Cloud, perform the following steps:

1. Disconnect the Ethernet cable and power cable from the rear of the My Cloud.

2. Slide a flat, wide card under the visible seams running horizontally on one side of the My Cloud. Use the card to loosen the hooks underneath the edges. If needed, use a thin, flat head to pry the case slightly open. Once you've loosened one side, work on the other side.

4. With your hand on either side of the case, use your thumbs to push the case forward until it is free from the plastic frame.

Note: Four pieces of plastic hooks will detach in the course of removing the case. 

4. Look for the three black knobs that moor the board and the hard drive to the frame. Gently swing the assembly to the left side to free it from the frame.

5. Use the torque screwdriver to remove assembly parts from the circuit board and hard drive.
  • Use the CR-V T10 bit to remove the three bumper knobs.
  • Use the CR-V +3.0 bit to remove the three screws and three spacers from the circuit board.
  • Use the CR-V 2.0 bit to remove the two screws connecting the hard drive bracket.
6. Gently disconnect the hard drive from the SATA connector.


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