Quick Fix: Moto G4, Daydream, and Moto notifications

Android 6.x and later versions of Android introduced the Daydream feature, which allows smartphones to display notifications and the clock periodically and with minimal interaction from the user. It's similar to the Glance feature in Windows Phone 8.1, and arguably has little impact on battery life. The Moto G4 and G4 Plus, which uses stock Android UI,  have the Daydream option under Settings > Display > Daydream.

Motorola, however, also included a separate software utility for managing display notifications. By default, both Daydream and the Moto utility enables battery friendly notifications. Disabling Daydream doesn't disable the Moto notifications, and the clock will still appear, along with notifications.

Both Daydream and the Moto utility makes the screen light up to show the clock and notifications. If you want to save just a little bit more battery, or just prefer to have your screen dark when you lock it, disable the battery friendly screen notifications completely by launching the Moto app, and then tapping Display. Configure or disable display notifications completely.


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