Quick Fix: Fire HD 8 cannot detect home Wi-Fi network

The Amazon Fire HD 8 shares much software with Android devices, though the codebase is not as updated as say stock Android from Google. However, Amazon developers did a great job paring and optimizing the device. Earlier minor issues with Android 4.x and 5.x, however, may pop up occasionally, including those involved with Wi-Fi.

If your Fire HD 8 can't detect your home Wi-Fi network, but lists other Wi-Fi networks (SSID), perform basic steps such as checking if other devices can detect your home Wi-Fi network, disabling and enabling Wi-Fi, and checking Airplane mode on the HD 8. The Amazon Fire support page also encourages powering off the device or even a hard reset (pressing the power button down for 40 seconds).

Note: Manually adding the network surprisingly does not resolve the issue.

However, when I encountered this issue, all I needed to do was charge the Fire HD 8 to a battery level higher than 80%. I noticed that the Fire HD 8 failed to detect my home Wi-Fi network at a battery rate below 40% (it found several dozen SSIDs in the area including my neighbor's but not my own Wi-Fi router). After charging and then connecting to the network, the issue never returned since the Fire OS "remembered" the network.

This issue is arguably due to the power saving module found in Android, and I had experienced a similar issue with my Sony Xperia C3 running Android 5.x.


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