Quick Fix: ExpressVPN on Debian Jessie

ExpressVPN provides a .deb package for Debian-based Linux distributions. After installing the package from the command line or using a utility such as GDebi Package Installer and activating the service using the expressvpn activate command, you should be able to connect to ExpressVPN's remote servers.

However, if you can connect to an ExpressVPN server, but you are unable to browse the Internet no matter which server you connect to, just reboot the Linux system and attempt to connect again. The ExpressVPN service should now work.

If you can't access the Internet directly after installing the ExpressVPN software package despite successfully connecting to several ExpressVPN servers, reboot the system.
If after rebooting the system, Debian Jessie connects but still can't open web pages or access web services, install the openvpn package using Synaptic or apt-get, and then reboot the system.


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