Online Service Quick Review: Ctrip for flights and hotels Part 2

Continued from Online Service Quick Review: Ctrip for flights and hotels Part 1

5. Ctrip also includes booking for airlines such as All Nippon Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Japan Airlines, Delta, KLM, Qantas, and the usual suspects for American and European flights. You will almost always get a better deal on Ctrip than from the online ticketing service of the airline. On the downside, Ctrip occasionally provides some pretty odd time slots and routes to compensate for the price drop.

6. If you're looking to visit cities in Japan and Thailand, check for holiday-themed discounts. Ctrip regularly offers cherry blossom and matsuri packages for travelers interested in visiting Kyoto or Tokyo. Moreover, Ctrip prices are adjusted to target specific times of the year to coincide with events in South Korea and of course, China.

7. As with any price-checking and booking services, Ctrip links with other online sites, in particular Note that your payment options change when you use offerings from the linked sites.

While working in cities in China, I've previously booked flights and hotels on Ctrip to cities such as San Diego, Ulan Bataar, Bali, Suva, Osaka, Okinawa, and various cities in China using the English interface. Admittedly, I have the advantage of a Unionpay debit card, which made payment quick and easy, but even users outside of the Middle Kingdom can benefit from the prices. In my trips, I found offerings in Ctrip generally more reasonable than Agoda, and definitely better than Bing's flight search engine.


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