Moto G4 Plus in comparison Part 2

Continued from Moto G4 Plus in comparison Part 1

Battery and Quick Charge

Since I'm often not very far from a power source, it's hard to determine how good the battery is on the Moto G4 Plus. My Sony Xperia C3's battery life matches the G4 Plus even though it's slightly less than two years old and has a Dual-SIM card slot (the Moto G4 Plus I have has only one SIM card slot). With a SIM card inserted, data off, and maybe 2-3 hours of Wi-Fi at home, roughly 2 hours of podcasts or music, the G4 Plus can last more than two days without charging, but that's not typical usage for most people.

Note: For Windows 10 Mobile users, the Lumia 650 can actually last more than a day and a half as long as you don't have a micro SIM inserted and don't have Wi-Fi or data enabled all day. It's an improvement compared to Windows Phone 8.1, but can't really be compared with midrange devices like the G4 Plus.

I've written about the Moto G4 Plus' charging issues before, but it's really not an issue. All you have to do is pay attention to the Android notification and where you plug your device. With the included cable and a reliable power source, the quick charge feature of the G4 Plus really does work, but that could also be because mine is new.

Screen and camera 

I'm not fussy with screens, but the 5.5" Gorilla Glass 3 screen of the Moto G4 Plus is certainly welcome and matches the brightness and clarity of the Xperia C3's. I've grown used to the Lumia 650's smaller screen for reading Hellboy and scanned 80s Spider-Man comic books (the real Spidey, not the garbage Marvel has been publishing the last 20 years), but there's nothing like the G4 Plus' extra real estate to inspect the artwork and read Peter Parker's quips.

The Moto G4 Plus and Amazon Fire HD 8 are both great for reading scanned comic books because of their screens. Although Peter doesn't make it a habit of fighting demons, he's had plenty of experience kicking supernatural ass since the 60s (such as his team-up with Doc Strange in The Way to Dusty Devil in 1992). Mike Mignola's BPRD specializes in that business however.

Considering how good the 16 MP dual-camera of the Moto G4 Plus is, I'm glad Motorola tacked on a capable screen with the G4 Plus. Photos of San Diego taken using the G4 Plus looked fantastic and accurate on the screen. Moreover, the quality of the photo was carried over even when viewed on my Macbook Air or on my Surface Pro 4.  As much as I loved photos taken using my older Lumia 925 (which was designed for low-light environments), the JPEGs can't be compared with the Moto G4 Plus' snaps. 

The screen quality of the G4 Plus is excellent compared with the Kobo Glo and Lumia 650. Some users might prefer the narrower and longer screen of the Sony Xperia C3 however.

The response time and autofocus speed of the G4 Plus is well-documented, but the performance is most noticeable for users like myself who previously used entry-level devices like the Xperia C3 and Lumia 650. Moreover, the G4 Plus is better at focusing on close objects than any of my devices, including the Sony NEX-3NL I bring along with me during vacation trips. The lens of the G4 Plus also matches the Yi Action camera in terms of wide-angle shots, and definitely preferable for selfies.

I haven't tried the Professional Mode, Panorama, and Slow Motion modes on the default camera app, but the Auto HDR of the G4 Plus certainly benefits from the Snapdragon 617 and Cortex innards. Unlike the Windows Phone-powered Lumia 650, which took 1-2 minutes at best when HDR was enabled, HDR processing was unnoticeable on the G4 Plus.


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