Quick Fix: Gnome login keyring password

You may encounter issues with the Gnome login keyring password in Fedora Gnome the following scenarios:

  • You forgot your Gnome login keyring password.
  • You changed your User password, and the password was originally the same as your Gnome login keyring password.

  • You upgraded from Fedora 24 Gnome 3 to Fedora 25 Gnome 25 and Seahorse no longer accepts your login keyring password.
Note: For details on the Fedora 24 to 25 upgrade, refer to Notes on Fedora 24 Workstation to Fedora 25 upgrade.

The following steps apply to Passwords and Keys (Seahorse) in CentOS 7 Gnome and Fedora 25 Gnome 3.

1. Launch Passwords and Keys.

For CentOS 7, click Applications > Utilities > Passwords and Keys.

3. Under Passwords, right-click Login, and then click Delete.

4. Select I understand that all items will be permanently deleted, and then click Delete.

5. When you attempt to perform an operation supported by Gnome keyring, the system prompts for a new Gnome login keyring password. 

Note: You can also log off and log back to the same username to trigger the Gnome keyring prompt.


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