ExpressVPN in Beijing (6 months and counting) Part 4

Continued from ExpressVPN in Beijing (6 months and counting) Part 3

16. Torrents can either become faster or slower if you are running ExpressVPN. Downloading an openSUSE ISO is considerably faster without ExpressVPN enabled, but files hosted overseas download faster with the VPN enabled. Most illegal sharing torrent websites are only accessible over VPN in China.

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18. ExpressVPN is most useful for visitors in China who require constant access to social media sites and Western video streaming services. Without VPN, accessing web pages with social media or video streaming data/tools/components embedded on a page using Java, Javascript, Python, or HTML5 causes the site to either crash or only partially be displayed on Firefox, Safari, IE, Chromium, Edge, or Chrome.

Any site that has embedded code that calls Google service, even just Google Analytics, will not load properly without a VPN in China.

19. It's not recommended to always have the VPN enabled when you are online. Contrary to popular belief, Internet services in China are more than adequate for most user needs. Most European sites are left unblocked. Euronews, BBC, and even US sites such as iO9, tech sites, Deviantart, and Reddit are accessible without VPN. Note, however, that embedded scripts will crash if it calls sites from blocked sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

20. As with all VPN services, region detection becomes an issue with a lot of online services. Regardless of your browser, client, or online service settings, some sites will immediately default to the IP address location of the ExpressVPN server you select. If you selected the server in HK for example, eBay, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and MSN logins will be in Hong Kong and will default to Hong Kong. For some sites, you can manually change the URL with the language suffix en-US. This solution works for both the Apple and Microsoft Store.

Concluded in ExpressVPN in Beijing (6 months and counting) Part 5


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