Tested: macOS and Microsoft Accounts

Previously, MacOSX had problems accessing folders shared in Windows 8.1/Windows 10 if the user account in Windows was set up using a Microsoft Account (Live.com, Hotmail, or Outlook). It may be due to the upgrade to macOS or the recent cumulative updates to Windows 10, but shared folders in Windows is now easily accessible via a Microsoft Account - even a Hotmail account.

macOS on the MacBook Air accessing Windows 10 shared folders on an HP Stream 8.

After undergoing a macOS update and a clean install of Windows 10 for the anniversary update on an HP Stream 8, I set up a user account on the Stream 8 with my old Hotmail account and set up network sharing as normal. Surprisingly, macOS had no problems accepting the username ****.hotmail.com and accessing the user shared folders. 

Finder accessing the HP Stream 8 with Windows 10 using a Hotmail account.


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