Quick Fix: Registering for the WD My Cloud service

If you purchased any of Western Digital's My Cloud products, you are entitled to their My Cloud online service, which is used for connecting to your My Cloud device over the Internet.

Ideally, the My Cloud account is set up at the same time as your My Cloud device. However, some users may never get the mycloud sign-up screen when undergoing the http://mycloud.com/setup process. The WD product finishes network configuration and launches the Dashboard successfully, but WD registration and the cloud access form is never offered.

Other users launch the Dashboard directly and sign up for the My Cloud service from the Getting Started page but never get a confirmation email. When attempting to log in via the wdmycloud.com website, the page indicates that the email address is not associated with any My Cloud account. If either of the two scenarios occur, attempting to sign up via the mycloud.com site doesn't work and takes you to the wdc.com home page instead.

To sign up to the My Cloud service if you encounter this issue, use the Cloud Access screen on the Dashboard instead to manually sign up for the service.

Note: Even if you enable the Cloud Service option from the Settings screen, access to your mycloud.com service is still not available until you sign up and create a password.

To sign up to the My Cloud service from the Dashboard Settings:

1. Log in to the Dashboard using a browser.

On a macOS and Linux machine, the default address is http://wdmycloud.local.

2. Click Cloud Access in the navigation bar, then click admin.

Note: The admin account is automatically created for new My Cloud products.

3. Click Sign up.

4. Input an email address and allow the service to set up your account.

5. Once you receive the confirmation email address on your Inbox, click Create password.

6. Enter a password, and then click Create password.

 7. Log in to mycloud.com using the email address and newly configured password.

Both the Western Digital manual and UI instructions forget to mention the following details and may confuse new users to WD My Cloud products. Take note of the following:

1. The username admin and the password you configured to access the Dashboard locally is different from the mycloud.com email address and password (which is only for the My Cloud service).

2. The password for the Dashboard (with username Admin) does not accept special characters. The mycloud.com password, on the other hand, requires a combination of letters and numbers as well as a special character.

3. The My Cloud service (mycloud.com) requires that the WD product is powered on. Otherwise, you get a message indicating your cloud isn't accessible. Note that this applies even if you are at home just next to your WD product. 

4. The device's default name affects the path for accessing the Dashboard. It's advisable to change the device name of the My Cloud product from Settings > Device Profile, since the device name is by default WDMyCloud. Using the default settings, you access the Dashboard using a browser by typing http://wdmycloud (Windows) or http://wdmycloud.local (Linux, macOS) which is almost similar to the My Cloud service URL, idp.mycloud.com.

If you want to transfer files and access the folders locally, use the provided apps or your OS's file manager instead.

Note: This article was tested with a 3TB My Cloud Personal Storage device. The Dashboard and My Cloud service was accessed using Safari on a Macbook Air and Mozilla Firefox on Fedora 24. In my case, I went through the standard http://mycloud.com/setup process and also the Dashboard setup process, but was unable to sign up to the My Cloud service. In addition, my 3TB My Cloud Personal Storage had to be registered manually via the WD website. 


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