NAS4Free Basics: Setting up a basic NAS on a netbook Part 3

Testing access to the NAS4Free server

Once you've booted up the laptop/netbook running NAS4Free, it's time to verify if clients on your network can access it.

To access the NAS4Free WebGUI:

1. On a mobile device or PC connected to the same Wi-Fi or Ethernet network, open a browser and access the provided WebGUI IP address.

For this example, the NAS4Free running on the Toshiba NB520 was accessed using an iPad 2 using Safari and an Ubuntu LTS machine using Mozilla Firefox. The WebGUI IP address provided in this setup is

If you are unable to access the WebGUI using a device on the same Wi-Fi network, perform the following steps:
  1. Go back to the NAS4Free laptop/netbook and press 3 to Configure Network Interfaces. 
  2. Press 2 to Configure Network IP Address. Specify an IP address if needed for the NAS.
  3. Press 11 to Restart WebGUI or 7 to reboot the NAS server.

2. Once the web browser displays the WebGUI, input the default username and password.

Username: admin
Password: nas4free

Changing the username, hostname, and configuring the LAN

Basic home users should change the default username and password to the access the WebGUI. Advanced users might also have a more complex setup for their LAN and might want to add Firewall rules.

To change the username and password for the WebGUI administrator:

1. Click System > General.

2. Replace the default username admin.

3. Click the Password tab and input the current and new password.

To change the hostname and domain of the NAS4Free server:

1. Click System > General.

2. Input a new hostname.

Note: If needed, you can add the IP address of the NAS4Free and the new hostname to your DNS servers or host files for individual PCs or devices.

3. Input a domain. If your home network isn't on a domain, you can leave the default value, local.

To update the time, date, or set an NTP server:

1. Click System > General.

2.  Specify the time, date, and date format.

3. If you have an NTP server set up, you can select Use the specified NTP server.

To specify the IP address and gateway:

1. Click Network > LAN Management.

2. Specify a static IP address, change to DHCP, or input a Gateway if required.

To enable NAS4Free firewall settings:

1. Click Network > Firewall.

2. Select Enable.

3. Click + to add a Firewall rule.

4. If you already have a set of rules created for a firewall on your network, say behind a FreeBSD or Fedora machine, click Browse to select a file, and then click Import to upload existing Firewall rules.


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