HP Windows 10 tablets and the swsetup folder

If you're running an HP device with Windows 10 and you installed HP drivers and software manually, an swsetup folder is created on your C: drive for the HP software. It serves as a backup of your drivers and a location from which HP software is installed from.

In most cases, the swsetup folder is small, particularly if you used Windows 10's drivers rather than manually installing HP's drivers from the website. However, if you manually installed the different drivers for display, audio, chipset, and various sensors as you would with an HP tablet or laptop, then the swsetup folder can balloon significantly.

You can safely delete the swsetup folder from the C: drive and reclaim valuable storage space. This can get you several 100 MBs, which is pretty useful considering how large Windows 10 can be and how many updates are cached and installed regularly.

The HP Stream 8 tablet, for example, only has 32 GB of internal storage and even with a 64 GB micro SD card inserted, fills up pretty quickly if you installed desktop applications such as Office and Corel products. Deleting the swsetup folder can give your HP tablet some breathing space when Microsoft provides their weekly patches.


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