Tested: Apple News over VPN

Apple's own news aggregating app, Apple News, is limited to select countries only. Unlike other apps such as News360, MSN News, News Republic, Sony Socialife and, to a lesser extent, Google Newstand and Flipboard, Apple News content is primarily from US news sources. For News to appear in iOS9, your region should be United States, and even then Location Services checks if your IP address is outside the supported region.

Curiously enough, as long as your Language & Region is United States and you are able to pull a US-based IP address Apple News will appear on iOS9 and read from Apple's selected news sources. On my iPad 2 running iOS9, the News app worked fine as long as my ExpressVPN's location server was set to Los Angeles.

Apple's News app doesn't really bring anything new to the table and unless you're a rabid Apple fan, there's no reason to use the app overseas. Standalone news apps from BBC and competing news aggregators such as the aforementioned News360 and News Republic provide a far greater amount and diversity of content. Moreover, there's always Safari for browsing news sources and sites such as news.google.com.


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