Quick Fix: USB OTG, USB Keyboards and HP Stream 8

Q: My USB OTG connected to the HP Stream 8 works fine with USB storage drives, but when I connect a USB keyboard, it doesn't work.

The micro-USB connector of the HP Stream 8 tablet is notoriously loose. Depending on the quality of your USB On-the-Go adapter, the connector wiggles on the port.

If your USB keyboard isn't detected by Windows 10, perform the following steps:

1. Reseat the USB connector on the USB OTG cable and attempt to type on a desktop application such as Notepad, Word, or OneNote.

2. Disconnect the USB OTG adapter and reconnect the to the micro-USB port on the HP Stream 8 as firmly as possible. Ensure that the contact point of the USB OTG is not visible.

3. If the USB keyboard is still not working, physically rotate the tablet to portrait and then landscape again with the USB OTG adapter and USB keyboard connected.

By default, Windows 10 displays the touch keyboard when you tap any area on the screen which accepts text input, such as Cortana, search engines, or the browser address bar even with a USB keyboard connected.

To prevent the touch keyboard from appearing when using a USB keyboard and the touch screen:

1. Tap Start > Settings > Devices > Typing.

2. Disable the option Show the touch keyboard or handwriting panel when not in tablet mode and there's no keyboard attached.

If you still need the touch keyboard even with a USB keyboard attached, you can tap the Keyboard icon on the System Tray to trigger the touch keyboard.


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