NES and Family Computer white boxes

Pokemon Go has triggered a resurgence of both new (VR) and old (Nintendo and the Pokemon franchise) technology. Unsurprisingly, independent hardware manufacturers in China and Taiwan have long reproduced old-school consumer tech products such as the NES and Family Computers.

There are dozens of products that emulate everything from old Nintendo games (Japanese, US, and Asia releases) to Gameboy to PlayStation and even the Wii, which was cracked quickly because of its sudden popularity when it was first released.

Although emulators for games of almost all platforms are available on Linux and Windows, the nostalgia and convenience of a white box emulator is pretty strong and it helps that the prices are dirt-cheap - less than 20USD for a full console and less than a dollar for a cartridge with dozens/hundreds of games.

Curious collectors and older gamers can search at Taobao or even the B2B site for these products. If you're interested in purchasing one of these products, have a local check the list of games and platform so you get the games you're looking for.

Once you power on though, everything is pretty much the same despite the Chinese or Japanese language. Megaman still opens his mouth when he jumps and Simon Belmont has a poor horizontal leap.

The links below are sample products available from Tmall and If you root around a bit more (with the help of Bing Translate or Google Translate), you'll probably find what you're looking for.


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