YACReader updated for iOS and YACReader Library on Debian Jessie

Mac OSX and Ubuntu users have long had the luxury of having the excellent YACReader and its accompanying YACReader Library on their machines. The independent software publisher of the popular .cbr and .cbz software has recently added an iOS version of the comic book manager, which works hand-in-hand with its desktop counterpart. The iOS app, which costs $1.99 at the app store, is worth every penny if you have your own library of .cbr and .cbz files.

The download page for the desktop version of YACReader currently routes to the wiki, with a new version no doubt coming soon. If you're running Debian 8 Jessie, you can still install YACReader and YACReader Library directly from the repository.  Instructions for Debian and Ubuntu can be found here, while Archlinux users can build the application using the steps from the AUR wiki.

YACReader Library on Debian 8 with an Xfce environment works very well. The application's performance, particularly when it comes to rendering covers of comic books when browsing the library, is really based on how large your files are.

One of the niftier features of YACReader Library is the ability to page through numerous digital comic books using various animations.


There is an option for creating additional folders within an imported library of files, though this probably isn't very useful for casual users. YACReader Library for Linux, unfortunately, isn't designed for small screens and the user may see some compressed UI elements when installed on netbooks or viewed in displays with low resolution.


One of the icons on the toolbar overlaps with the book title in this screen capture of YACReader Library installed on Debian 8 Jessie with Xfce.


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