Smartisan SmartFinder for Mac OSX tested with Sony Xperia

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Smartisan hasn't really had much press lately, although there are rumors their next flagship device, the T3, will have VR support. The company needs to speed up their plans, since other manufacturers such as OnePlus already have products coming out this month. On the upside, Smartisan does provide some pretty nifty apps to market their brand. One of them is a worthy alternative to the underdeveloped and admittedly clunky Android File Transfer tool for Mac OSX users: SmartFinder.

SmartFinder is an Android file manager for Mac OSX. After installing the app from the provided .dmg file or from the App Store, users can import and export files into their Android device using SmartFinder's extremely attractive file manager window. Photos, videos, and some files have thumbnail previews with Gallery, Music, Video, Download, and Files filters provided on the UI. You can select files and drag them to the Mac OSX desktop, or use the Import or Export files to copy files back and forth in bulk.


Most Android manufacturers ignore Mac OSX support, assuming that whoever purchases an Android device would be using a Windows PC, rather than a Mac. Smartisan should be given credit for generously providing the free SmartFinder app for Mac OSX users, which works with other Android devices and isn't limited to Smartisan's T2, U1, or T1 smartphones.

You can still use Android File Transfer alongside SmartFinder if you have it installed on your Macbook. 

In general, SmartFinder has a few advantages over Android File Transfer, particularly the ability to provide previews and aggregate files in one window.


On the other hand, Android File Transfer has separate tabs for internal memory and any micro-SD cards detected, which is useful if you want to clear out data from the internal memory. If you're familiar with the folder structure of Android, however, it's not that difficult to navigate through the folders using SmartFinder.

SmartFinder and Sony Xperia C3

I tested SmartFinder with a Sony Xperia C3 loaded with a 32GB micro-SD card. Installation of SmartFinder on a Macbook Air running El Capitan was problem-free, but as noted in the welcome window when you launch SmartFinder, your Android device must be enabled for USB debugging before it can work with the Smartisan file manager.


To enable USB debugging on a Sony Xperia C3 running Android 5.x:

1. Tap Settings > About phone.

2. Tap the Build number seven times until a message indicates "You are now a developer!"


3. Under Settings, tap Developer options, and then enable USB debugging.

4. Click OK.

5. When you connect the micro-USB cable from the Xperia to your Macbook and launch SmartFinder, click OK to allow USB debugging with Mac OSX. 

SmartFinder provides an Eject button to unmount Android devices from Mac OSX after use, so avoid disconnecting your smartphone without ejecting the device.


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