Improved repository access using YaST or zypper

Although I've been a dedicated openSUSE user for more than a decade, one of the issues that I've had to deal with was access to openSUSE repositories using YaST or zypper. In most of the countries I found myself working in, access to the repos either stalled or was unresponsive, making software updates or even application installation a chore. YaST Software Management is great when you have fast access to the repositories, but it can be incredibly frustrating when it keeps informing you to abort or cancel. There have been times I've been forced to switch to Fedora or an Ubuntu spin due to that very issue.

More recently, however, openSUSE 42.1 access either through YaST or zypper has been excellent. I'm not entirely sure if it's any recent update to openSUSE, the rewritten YaST, or just my broadband access (which is unlikely). At any rate, I find myself once again using openSUSE 42.1 KDE as my primary distribution and seriously considering Tumbleweed.



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