Creating a glyph for a font in CorelDraw X5 Part 2

Continued from Creating a glyph for a font in CorelDraw X5 Part 1

6. Click OK.

7. If you want more than one customised glyph on the font, perform the same steps on the same TTF file. When you click Export, click Yes to replace the font file. Adjust the values in the True Type Export window as before, but select a different character from the Character block

Note: Characters with an exported design will appear in slight bold. If you're creating a full set of font characters rather than 1 or 2 symbols/glyphs, you export roughly more than 80 characters.

8. Test the glyph by installing the TTF in Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX and using the font in Word, Pages, and even in programs such as Okular, Adobe Reader, Scribus and Inkscape. If needed, export the glyph as SVG or HTML5 if you need to use the design in web pages. In addition, embed the glyph to an EPUB file or PDF document and view the glyph using smartphones, ereaders, and tablets with varying screen sizes. 

Note: Take note that not all mobile apps will support embedded output.



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