CorelDraw X5 on an HP Stream 8 Part 1

There is little doubt that the extremely powerful Microsoft Surface tablets can handle Corel products easily, but what about Windows tablets such as the HP Stream 8?


CorelDraw X5 on an HP Stream 8 paired with a Logitech K450 Bluetooth keyboard, and a Microsoft Mouse connected via USB OTG adapter.

With 1 GB of RAM, an Intel Atom processor and a screen smaller than 10", you probably wouldn't want to perform heavy bitmap tasks on the HP Stream 8. However, you can certainly work with vector images if you can tolerate the limited screen estate, low display resolution, and having to bring along accessories such as a Bluetooth keyboard and Wacom tablet that are actually larger than your device. You are definitely better off with even an entry-level Windows laptop than using your HP Stream 8 for CorelDraw if you're working on a large project.

Note: This article uses an HP Stream 8 with an Intel Atom Z3735G processor, 32 GB of internal memory, 1GB of RAM, and Windows 10 Home 32-Bit.


When installing CorelDesigner Technical Suite X5 on an HP Stream 8, the installation process displays a warning regarding hardware limitations.

On the other hand, if your workflow is tied to CorelDraw and you need to preview your .cdr files while on-the-go and perform minor edits, then the HP Stream 8 can certainly handle CorelDraw X5 and more likely later versions as well. Take note, however, that you would probably want to bring along an On-the-Go USB adapter for a wireless mouse since the HP Stream 8's touch screen is notoriously unreliable.

The HP Stream 8's Atom processor can handle basic text, vector and bitmap layouts.

Continued in CorelDraw X5 on an HP Stream 8 Part 2


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